Kaufman County Cowboy Church

Service time – 10:30 a.m. 

5970 Highway 243  Kaufman, Texas 75142

Welcome to Kaufman County Cowboy Church, glad you’ve stopped by….
We feel like we are just a bunch of everyday folks, who are growin’ and learnin’ to be a little more like Jesus every day. We come from a western culture and so we have a cowboy attitude. We hope you ain’t spooked by that and even that you’ll sit with us and have a cup of coffee. I hope you see someone you know or meet someone you’ll get to know better. We believe the best way for folks to meet Jesus is to see him livin’ in folks just like them: cowboys, cowgirls, cowkids or even folks just enjoyin’ the western culture. We ain’t too formal, don’t worry about what your Sunday best is, cause it’s probably a lot like mine, jeans, boots and a clean shirt. We preach Jesus, our risen Savior. We know the Bible is deep enough for all the theologians and scholars to swim around in, yet shallow enough for a baby to wade in without fear. Stop by and see for yourself. Coffee is hot and always plenty of it!
See ya Sunday boys,
Bret Shafer, Pastor